What’s bothering you in wound care?

What’s bothering you in wound care?

There is a well-known rule in wound care that says treat the whole patient, not just the hole in the patient.  We firmly believe that our dressings can contribute to better care of the wound, at the same time we realise that to be useful, these treatments need to fit in with the overall plan to treat the whole patient.   They need to address real problems faced by caregivers and patients in wound care.

The way we do that is simply to listen to doctors, nurses and patients’ experience of their challenges and problems with wounds that are difficult to heal and to pay attention to what they have to tell us.  This includes clinical challenges but also the managerial and administrative problems, issues of coordinating care and even getting the supplies.

What is frustrating you?  We would love to hear about your experiences and challenges with all kinds of wounds and so we have created a short survey that can be carried out in person, by telephone or online.  Just contact us on enquiries@io-cyte.co.uk to chat or fill in our simple contact form.

We can’t solve every problem – but we will listen and your feedback will shape what we do.

  • Listening to health care workers and patients
  • Simple solutions built on wound healing science
  • Operating to the highest ethical standards

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