Wound care places a massive burden on healthcare systems globally.  The NHS spends an estimated £5bn per annum on wound care caring for over 2 million wounds and the demographic trends guarantee that this figure will rise.  Half of the wounds are slowhealing chronic ulcers that take months to heal, or never heal, leading to disproportionate costs for their care.  The visibility of this massive spend is now being highlighted even at the level of the UK parliament.  

For every patient, the nurse or doctor treating the wound has to evaluate multiple factors that could be delaying healing, such as necrotic tissue, infection, biofilms, chronic inflammation and excess fluid from wounds.  These factors may all need addressing, some simultaneously, others at different times in the wound lifetime, leading to uncertainty in treatment and an element of trial and error.


Io-Cyte Ltd provides one dressing with multiple actions.  This has the ability to simplify treatment decisions and provide a positive impact on the wound condition. Our dressing is based on sound research and laboratory testing before progressing to human use and clinical studies.

Io-Cyte is a spin-out from Xiros Ltd, a well-established SME company dedicated to orthopaedics.  Over the years Xiros Ltd has funded a biomaterials research facility which has developed a number of non-core technologies.  Xiros has set up Io-Cyte Ltd in order to spin out, develop and commercialise this innovative woundcare treatment with more focus and a dedicated management team.  Io-Cyte has seed funding from Xiros and has successfully attracted external grant funding to complete laboratory development. 


The Io-Cyte Team have a great deal of experience in wound care, both in blue-chip multinationals and agile small companies, covering research and commercial roles.

Next Steps

We welcome open discussion with potential investors to accelerate our progress through clinical evidence generation and launch phases.  Please contact us using this link


  • Listening to health care workers and patients
  • Simple solutions built on wound healing science
  • Operating to the highest ethical standards

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