Millions of patients have to live with wounds that do not heal normally, taking months or years to heal.  Their numbers are continually growing, their wounds are complex to assess and continually changing.  This creates an obstacle course for practitioners working in increasingly constrained health care systems and trying to select the right treatment at the right time. 

Io-Cyte exists to provide innovative treatments for healing the wound that can be applied in the patient’s home or doctor’s office.   Research has told us more than ever about the multiple barriers to healing, such as biofilms, local infection and chronic inflammation,  however deciding what is the main obstacle facing a particular wound at any one time is far from straightforward.  Io-Cyte are developing dressings that combat multiple healing barriers at once to give the best chance of forming a healthy wound base for healing.

The company formed in October 2019 when we identified the potential wound-healing benefits from research in a biomaterials laboratory specialising in biocompatible and absorbent fibre materials.

The team

Chris Marsden

Chris Marsden (Managing Director)  has over 25 years’ experience in medical devices, with Zimmer, 3M Healthcare, Johnson & Johnson and other companies.  At Johnson & Johnson he was project manager for the development and launch of a bioactive dressing before moving to marketing and commercial roles.  His commercial roles include product management, head of marketing role and key account management for US wound care customers.  He has been closely involved with design and management of a number of clinical trials in wound healing and surgery.   Prior to joining Io-Cyte, Chris was sales and marketing director at Xiros.




David Farrar

David Farrar (Research Manager)  also Head of New Technologies for Xiros Ltd.  Prior to joining Io-Cyte/Xiros David worked for Smith & Nephew for 30 years in a variety of R&D roles but latterly heading up the company’s Biomaterials research programme at its global research centre in York. David’s extensive experience includes working on at least eight major product developments that successfully went to market.  David is a recognised industry expert in the field of biomaterials being an author on over 50 peer-reviewed papers and an inventor on more than 15 patents. He is the editor of “Advanced Wound Repair Therapies” (Woodhead Publishing, 2011). From 2006-12 he was Visiting Professor of Advanced Biomaterials at the University of Manchester.




Chris Agboh

Dr Chris Agboh CText ATI (Principal Scientist) is a leading expert in biomaterials development. He has 25 years’ postdoctoral experience in textiles, including 5 years as a Research/Process Engineer setting up full scale production of alginate and mixed fibres for wound dressing manufacture at a leading company in the alginate field. Dr Agboh is an inventor on more than 5 patents and co-author of many published papers.






Jon Joyce

Jon Joyce FCA (Director), is responsible for financial and legal matters at Io-Cyte and is the Group CFO for the Xiros Group. Jon has 25 years of experience in financial and commercial roles, having qualified with the ICAEW whilst training at a top 5 international firm of accountants and business advisers, before specialising in corporate finance



  • Listening to health care workers and patients
  • Simple solutions built on wound healing science
  • Operating to the highest ethical standards

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